‘Treasure’ Hails the Return of Company of Thieves

Company of Thieves

Sometimes in life, you need to take a break to recharge and refocus — becoming stronger for it. This is what happened with the indie band Company of Thieves. After releasing their stunning albums Ordinary Riches and Running from a Gamble, they announced in early 2014 that they had no plans to record any new music.


May 2017 saw Genevieve Schatz (vocals), Marc Walloch (guitar, vocals) and Chris Faller (bass, vocals, drums) announce the band’s return. They confirmed that there would be a reunion tour and a new single. Their fire was stronger than ever and they were ready to unleash their sound onto the world.


“Treasure” hails the return of the band who have come back with a bang. Schatz describes the song as “a call-to-arms that was written immediately following the presidential election about being faced with a climate of fear and division and what can happen when you look inside yourself to find freedom and say yes to love.”


The song begins with a radio sample before some gentle electric guitar come in. Before you know it Schatz joins in with her captivating vocals. Her tone flows effortlessly throughout even when she brings some attitude to deliver poignant lines like: “Posing for the pictures / You’re still laughing like a spoiled child / Pageantry to make believe you’re in / Yeah you took all the love, love.”


Listening to the lyrical content of the song, it’s clear to understand the message that Company of Thieves is communicating. Even though it has a point to make, its sound still has a cool indie groove that will make you move. This is thanks to a winning combination of great melodies and some great work on the guitars. The band mirror the mood of the vocals perfectly by providing an atmosphere which easily switches from a gentle tone to some edgy attitude. Overall, a strong return that will grab a lot of people’s attention, in a good way.

Company of Thieves Wants Us to Say ‘Yes’ to Love

Last year may have been about the band’s reunion but 2018 is all about them moving forward. They have wasted no time getting back to their fans by performing live. They have been relentless with the number of shows they have done and have no plans to slow down, with much more in the pipeline. Not only that, but they are releasing their new EP Better Together on later this month.

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