Middle Kids Newest Single is No ‘Mistake’

Middle Kids

Australian indie rock band Middle Kids recently released the video for their single “Mistake” off of their upcoming album Lost Friends.


The song opens with several heavy beats of the drums followed by nostalgic-sounding guitars introducing the first lyrics of the song, “Oh darling / Pick you up just to let you drop / We got started I was guarded.” “Mistake” is a song filled with heartfelt lyrics like these, telling a story about someone looking to right a wrong.


“Mistake” transitions from verses to chorus smoothly, with singer Hannah Joy’s strong voice working with guitar riffs to ultimately build to the climax of the song. This climactic section features a synthesized version of Joy’s voice pushing forward a heavier guitar part. The final chorus comes after this breakdown, with Joy’s voice fading out quickly by the end.


“Mistake” largely feels cathartic, with lyrics about “standing out in the rain” and “spilling your guts,” making the song feel personal to the artist, yet relatable to anyone who listens. 

Video for ‘Mistake’ makes the Middle Kids message clear

The video for “Mistake” opens with visuals of the band burning polaroids over the open flame of a candle, corresponding well to the song’s overall themes of wrong doing.


This music video is filled with shots of the trio performing the single in an unidentifiable dimly lit space. The video not only shows off the song, but a taste of what an upbeat performance Middle Kids can make.


The video often pans over to the band, looking un-entertained, sitting down and playing cards or looking at a selection of polaroids to burn. The unamused expressions on their faces fit the emotions that the song portrays.


“Mistake” is a song about letting go, and the video for it pairs up perfectly. The lively sound matched with the more somber, yet playful setting work perfectly with the vintage filming style and aesthetics of the video.


Fresh off of a 2017 tour, Middle Kids’ full length album, Lost Friends, will be out on May 4 with Domino Records.



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