Complex Tells Us To ‘Bet On Me’


The goal of a musician can be a lot more than just fame and fortune. We have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Music creates emotion and emotion can inspire. Our recent discovery Complex is empowering listeners with her music. 

The Baltimore, Maryland based independent lyricist is all about spreading love and confidence to the world. But just like her name, she is Complex. Her music covers both sides of the spectrum on many issues. She can be sweet but she can also be savage. 

Her latest single “Bet On Me” highlights her true skill on the mic. Complex provides a non-stop lyrical attack that draws the listener into the heat she delivers. It is hard to even find where she takes a breath. Her mind just spits out burns one after another. The melodic beat drives it along without interrupting the flow. 

We had a chance to chat with the rising star to get a deeper feel for what she is all about.

First off, what prompted the decision to go with the moniker Complex?

I had a friend I used to be close to and she and I would always have these long heart to hearts about what we were going through in our little middle school lives. LOL, but from those conversations, she began to call me “lor complex” or lil complex, the “lor” is a Baltimore thing. But, I liked the name, so I dropped the Lor and kept Complex. Some of my media sites say Lor Complex, but that’s just because it asked for a first and last name.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is definitely versatile but ultimately it’s in the hip hop/rap and trap music genre. I write love songs, lit-club songs, pain songs, sex songs and real shit. I talk big shit and it definitely shows in my music.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

I think the artist that have had the biggest influence on me would be Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane. They were my two favorite rappers coming up and I always loved their swag, confidence and how they just always carried shit like they were the shit. They are unapologetically themselves and that’s what I love and admire most.

What drives you to create music?

I just love this shit. I love music down to my core. It’s medicine to me. Even a drug, and without it I don’t even feel the same. I just love GOOD music. In the beginning I was just doing it for fun with friends, but I started to take myself seriously once I realized I was really good at this. And I loved doing it. I knew since I was 16 that this is what I truly wanted and I haven’t wanted anything else more in my life.

How does a song come to you? Tell us about your process.

It literally just comes to me. Sometimes I’ll be thinking on a drive home or just cleaning around the house and randomly a line would hop in my head and I’d just hurry and jot it down in my notes before I forget what I just said to myself, lol. I write a little bit every day. I’ll also just get these urges to write. That’s when I go back to some of those lines I just jotted down and build upon them/edit it until I’m happy with it. No song gets finalized until I rap it out loud. It has to sound right. But when I get that urge most times I’ll light a blunt, turn on some beats and get busy.

Your new self-titled Complex album hits hard. What is the story behind it, and this hot video fro “Bet On Me”?

I wanted Complex to have a little bit of everything. I wanted to display my ability to make a great track whether it’s a love song, sex song, or just a cool track. I wanted for anyone to listen to Complex and be able to tell exactly what type time I’m on. The video was just something cute and fun to go along with the cute and fun song. lol Just building on my visuals.

How do you hope to connect with your fans through music?

I want to inspire my fans to be themselves, love themselves, know themselves and invest in themselves. I am all about love, and I move with love with everything I do. I want to spread love and confidence to my fans so they know that know they can be anything and everything they’ve ever wanted to be. I want to help people help themselves and through my music my fans will definitely feel that confidence by rapping along w/ my lyrics. I want to build relationships with my fans. I have chat options on my website on the Boo Love page and fans can also hit me up on social media as well as downloading the Wix app to become a member to the site and connect with me and other fans directly on there.

What does the future look like for Complex?

BIG MONEY! lol, nah. but seriously, I want to make it real big. Be a real star. I want the fame for the fun but I want the money, honestly, just to be able to truly take care of my family and myself. I want to make my dreams come true so I can make some of my family’s dreams come true too. I also want to be able to give back to my city. Complex’s future consists of world tours, tv and club appearances, awards and award shows, starting lucrative businesses and beginning programs in my city to help give back to the community.

Keep up with Complex on social media:

Twitter: @xoxcomplex

Instagram: @xoxcomplex

Facebook: Lor Complex @xoxcomplex

And her own WEBSITE.

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