So I was doing my daily scan across the web looking for great undiscovered talent and made quite a find.  My mood today was for some great vocals in the 50s to 60s tone.  It didn’t take me long to come across Cordel Roper from Brighton, Britain.  And what a find it was.

The first song that really struck me was Cordel’s cover of Adele’s Take It All.  Obviously he doesn’t sound like Adele but instead he channels Elvis Presley, better than I have heard in a long time.  The vibrato, the deep vocal phrasing, Amazing!

Cordel Roper then busts into some doo-wop classics such as Blue Moon, Sh-Boom, and Book Of Love.  Great songs that he puts his own spin on.  Hearing him brings me back to a time when music was happy and it was fun to just listen and snap your fingers (even though I wasn’t alive during those times).

The production of the songs is just as amazing.  It is rare to hear a mix today from an independent artist that is so crisp and yet doesn’t have the vocals too far in front of the fantastic piano and acoustic guitar work on these songs.  Every instrument, even the background vocals, are right where they should be in the mix.  My complements to the engineer for this as well.

From what I hear, Mr. Roper has been getting some label interest recently, so expect to hear some original tracks soon.  I recommend checking out Cordel Roper’s SoundCloud page immediately at .  He is also quite social and shares his life on twitter @ .  Feel free to become one of his over 12,000 followers and keep an eye on this talent in the making.

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