Today some background music was needed as I did some work on the website.   Searching for something that would not put me to sleep or require too much focus to listen to, I leaned towards some grimey dubstep.  Today’s find was The WizLab.

Perfect for this need was his new EP, Mythical.    This recording was only 3 songs but it gave me almost 20 minutes of mental freedom.  All 3 song’s titles start with the word Imagine, and this is what the music gave me the opportunity to do.  Of course I did find myself drifting into the music instead of getting my work done, but that was ok because the music kept evolving and kept my interest.

Some research needed to be done to find out that WizLab is short for the Wizards Laboratory but according to him, “only the ones that know me know why.”  I can make my guesses listening to his music that many experiments have gone into creating this damn good record.  He seems to use everything at his electronic disposal to make the sounds you hear.   The WizLab is also an inventor of sorts who loves to create hardware and software MIDI-sequencers and custom controllers, as well as his dubstep fusion tunes.

This may be another artist to keep an eye on and we expect to be hearing more of The WizLab’s music at the clubs sooner rather than later.  To stay ahead of the curve,  you can find WizLab on Spotify, or even more info and music at .


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