Courtney Cole Has Us Shook With “Earthquake”

Country singer Courtney Cole smiling into the camera

Pop artist Courtney Cole lets her roots shine with her newest EP, Earthquake. Comprised of four tracks, the EP showcases Cole’s ability to bridge the genres of pop and country to produce a spiritually uplifting experience for listeners.

“It’s about choosing joy in the midst of pain and love in the midst of uncertainty,”

Cole started writing music as a college student in Nashville, TN. The sources of inspiration in this legendary city were limitless. She soon found her sound among the twang of acoustic guitar and strum of the banjo. It wasn’t long before Cole gained attention from critics at Rolling Stone and Huffington Post. Early releases like “Drunk” and “Fall Like Rain” granted her touring opportunities with country music giants like Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, and Old Dominion. GRAMMY, CMA and ACM-Award winning songwriter, Shane McAnally approached her to write “Ladylike.” This track later become a fan favorite in 2015 on her debut EP.

Step 1 To Growth: Breaking Down

After a three-year hiatus, Cole is back and ready to heal with Earthquake. “It’s about choosing joy in the midst of pain and love in the midst of uncertainty,” Cole writes, “and finding out who you truly are in the process.” The EP’s release is timed in conjunction with her new podcast, “The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole.” Hurt and outrage have run rampant in an emotional pandemic this year. To counteract the chaos, Cole promotes “the beauty and importance of healing and growing from earth shattering moments in life and reconnecting with the truest, deepest parts of ourselves in order to live our most authentic, creative expression.”

Earthquake is filled with ambient acoustic guitar and Cole’s melodic vocals. In “New Eyes,” she comes to terms with how hard it is to give someone 100% when you lose sight of yourself and what you need. Cole illustrates the power of viewing your faults through someone else’s eyes and the type of healing and acceptance it allows. To round out the EP, “Earthquake” uses dramatic soundscapes and sweeping vocals to make the song feel larger than life. It transcends ordinary emotion as Cole describes breaking down in order to build again. To learn more about her music, visit her social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

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