Bentley Browning Says “I Can Feel You In My Blood”

Bentley Browning

There are select individuals out there that are just meant for music. The blood inside of these people is pulsing with creativity throughout the arts. At the same time, these artists must be willing to evolve and go with the flow of where their artistic fate will take them. Our recent discovery Bentley Browning has been around for quite a while, in and out of bands, across movie sets, and on comedy stages. Now he is back in action as a solo musician with a string of new songs.

Music cast its hold into Bentley Browning at a young age as he was drawn to the pounding drums on Top Of The Pops. A 9-piece drumset quickly followed to the chagrin of his mother, but the path was now set. A string of bands would follow allowing the artist to develop all of his musical talents, as well as the inter-personal skills of being part of a band creating original music. 

Time went on and locations changed as music took a back seat to a healthy pursuit of acting. Bentley Browning had a good deal of success there as well. He could be seen in a variety of programs including the US action series Dark Justice, British film Meanwhile, and a slew of comedy roles on Channel 4.

Bentley Browning returned to music as vocalist for the band Explode The TV. The alternative rockers went on to release 3 albums with some strong success. During a particularly boring lockdown yet always full of music, Bentley starting pouring out new songs. He hooked up with well known producer Henry White and recorded 4 songs in his studio in Stoke Newington London.

New Single “I Can Feel You In My Blood”

After the success of the debut single “Sunshine Mind”, Bentley Browning is back today October 5th to release the next single “I Can Feel You In My Blood”. A heavy 80’s dark-pop influence can be heard right front he start. There is a darkness to the song but open ears will hear the hopeful optimism shining through. The high end production adds layers to fill the full sonic space. A sort of warm cozy feeling encompasses the listener as we can relate to the song’s protagonist. This is music that achieves its goal of making you feel something.

Keep up with more of the artistic output of Bentley Browning HERE.  

Or on INSTAGRAM(@bentleymagic) and TWITTER(@bentleybrowning).

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