Citris Experiments In Sound Through Her New Dark Pop Single, “Genetic Makeup”

Citris is experimenting with sound in her new dark pop infused single, “Genetic Makeup”. The rising, typically grunge, Brooklyn based project speaks of self love, self acceptance, and essentially accepting your own DNA in their new electronic infused grunge anthem.

““Genetic Makeup” is about embracing the characteristics you like about yourself and realizing that perfection is overrated and being unique and yourself is always key.”

Frontrunner, Angelina Torreano, originally created “Genetic Makeup” on the Mac app, Garageband, and enlisted the aid of former band member, Chris Krasnow, to further perfect the production. The layering effect heard throughout the song is absolutely perfect for this spooky time of the year. Citris’ voice already carries a unique tone, but the production on the track just brings it to the next level.

“Genetic Makeup” marks a new level in Citris’ production and may even be hinting at the new direction the Brooklyn project is taking. The electronic and dark pop infusion is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, and damn, it’s working. Citris is expected to release her new music video and new album at the top of November. If they’re anything like this track, we are in for a real treat.

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