Many different kinds of messages are delivered through real music. When there is a real meaning behind a song becomes much more than just a short lived pop track. Teaching and inspiring through song has been around for a long while but I was intrigued by the new way that our newest find CST/Da Bronze Bomber preached his message.

CST / Da Bronze Bomber

The Louisville, Kentucky based rapper has a gritty, in your face lyrical style that is quite different than much of the hip hop out there today. Instead of spitting about guns, hos, and money, Da Bronze Bomber preaches about God and living a positive Christian life. He has performed everywhere where there was a group ready to listen and has seen the issues and struggles of his audience. This led him to his goal of steering people away from the infatuation with stardom and instead to see the life they can lead taking Jesus as their example.

The latest release by CST is the strong #AllThatMatters. The beats are there to blend with the current state of rap but the message stands out as different. Opening with “Christ State Of Mind” lets you know right away where CST stands while still making the song relatable and enjoyable. He shows a respect for his influences with “@1999flow”. The smooth lyrics over a simple groove get right to the point. “Rock Rock On” continues the flow with head bopping grooves alongside meaningful lyrics meant to inspire and motivate everyone he knows. There is something for everyone here who enjoys a good lyricist putting words together to relay his message through song. Get a listen to CST/Da Bronze Bomber at:

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