Having fun with your music is one of the things I love most about being a musician and even more important music listener.  The sound of a band having a good time transfers off of an album and into the mind of everyone that pushes play.  One band that we have been enjoying for a while is our friends the Hollywood Drunks.

Hollywood Drunks

The band whose Christmas album remained on repeat in my office this season (read the Christmas album review here – is back with another enjoyable album to lighten the mood.  The Hollywood Drunks mix together a wide array of styles to produce something original and fresh.  Throughout their music you will hear influences from pop, rock, hip hop, reggae and alternative.  What makes the band s relatable is their ability to poke fun at themselves along with all the absurdities of life.

The latest offering by Hollywood Drunks is entitled Swell.  It is a 14 track party set to a funky vibe with fun for everyone from the groovy “I Get It” to the spacey feel of “Unfreeze”.  The title track “Swell” slows down the pace some with its elegant guitar playing and heartfelt vocals.  This is a very approachable song that could catch on in any genre.  Lead singer Eric Winzenried writes great lyrics even when he is singing about being the old guy in the crowd that times has past by as in “That Age” and “Wake You”.  Overall Swell is another complete album without any filler that can be enjoyed from start to finish.  Go enjoy it for yourself and even get a few free downloads at: http://www.hollywooddrunks.net/

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