Cuecliche take it to a new level with ‘The Cliche EP’


Cuecliche returns with another slice of pop-punk goodness with their new EP. They have come a long way since Terry Rytz (bass, vocals) had the idea of forming the band as inspiration hit him after seeing an acoustic gig by Blink 182. Long story short, he added Jake Leigh (guitars, vocals) and Jason Sayer (Drums) to complete the line-up. Together, they created and self-released the EP’s One Last Chance and Look at the Pictures. They feature infectious tunes such as “Crazy Little Princess” while showcasing their softer side with the outstanding “Prince of Nowhere”. They also have released some excellent covers of “This is Me” (from The Greatest Showman) and “Waving Through A Window” (from Dear Evan Hansen).

The trio are excited for the world to hear The Cliche EP. Rytz says, “We started this EP pre-lockdown and consciously set out to write lyrics together for this one like we did our first (our second we wrote individual songs each). This EP features two co-writes, written pre-lockdown (Not The Only One & This Life). We play in Drop C# on this EP, and it has a heavier sound. Not really a conscious effort, just kind of happened. As always, the lyrics to the songs every single line has some heavy meaning. We never just put in lines that fit. For example, the song “Dear You” is loosely based on the film 500 days of summer. The opening line of the second verse, “Dear you Pixie Dream girl”, is taken from Zoey Deschanel’s character who says, “I can’t be your pixie dream girl”, which I thought was really cool”.

“Last Dance” opens up with a thunderous intro. A song about not realising that there are people you will not see again, but at the time, you do not know it is the last. A message reflected in the lines, “The time has come to say goodbye / I see a tear fall from your eye / Won’t lead a life filled with regret  / This is the only chance I’ll get”. The delivery of these words is a combination of Leigh and Rytz taking turns delivering the lines. Along with their infectious pop-punk sound, it is part of their winning formula that creates a fun listening experience, a combination that excels during the chorus, “Red roses die and turn to black / This is all time we won’t get back / So step right up and take a chance / Now take my hand my for the last dance”. 

Next up is “Not The Only One”, a personal favourite of the bands. An anthem “about being there for someone when they need it and carrying them through hard times”. As it begins, it feels different compared to the bouncy pop-punk anthems they usually create. Its foundation has a rock vibe, helping to give its words more of a punch. It is a song that highlights their lyrical qualities and how honest they are. A great example of this is during the opening verse, “When shadows chase you’re never free / When darkness starts surrounding me / Please take my hand won’t let you fall /Together we can face it all”.

Like the track before, Leigh and Rytz bounce off each other to take turns sharing the lines. This partnership works together to create many outstanding moments. Including the delivery of “And on those darkest nights / You will not have to fight / I will not let you down / Gotta hold on, gotta be strong. Vocally, they both are at their best, adding so much emotion to their words. As heard when sharing the lines, “I’ll help you hold on / When all your hope’s gone / You’ll never be alone / You’re not the only one”. “Not The Only One” is one of the best songs that Cuecliche have created, if not the best. 

The Cliche EP is more than another slice of pop-punk goodness by Cuecliche. They have fine-tuned every part of their songwriting to take their music to a whole new level.

Bringing back the pop-punk vibes is “Dear You”. A song about still waiting for that special someone. Another track filled with infectious beats and singalong lyrics. From beginning to end, it will have you moving and singing aloud. Especially to the outro lines, “Dear you my forever”. It may not stand out compared to the others, but it is far from being weak. It shows how far the band have come, as the quality of the songwriting is still high. But the others have that something extra.

“This Life” has the job of bringing The Cliche EP to a close. Personally, this one is a dark horse of a track. One of those that may not stand out on first listen but has that something that makes you come back. Maybe it is the anthemic sound or their usual singalong hook. Maybe, it is the positive words heard throughout, including “Open your eyes and make the change you need / People around can’t see the things you see / So make a change or things will stay the same / In this life”. Whatever the reason, this is yet another quality song by the band. It is also a great choice to close out the release.

When you listen to One Last Chance and Look at the Pictures, then The Cliche EP, there is a shift in the quality of their music. Firstly their sound feels more confident and delivered with purpose. It is no longer rough around the edges. Also, how they mould their words to get their messages across and how they are shared are equally as impressive. This new release by Cuecliche feels like they have taken their music to another level. If this is what they have to offer, we want more!

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