Cullen Wade and The Waters Push Through with Self-titled Album

Cullen Wade and The Waters

The last few years have killed many a career. Not only in business but in music and entertainment as well. What it has also done is prove that the people that were able to push through are some very strong people that have real passion for their livelihood. Our recent find Cullen Wade and The Waters have proved their dedication with the upcoming self titled record.

The songwriter was born and raised in Southern Louisiana. It was here that Cullen Wade first dove into writing and performing. From the age of 18 he was touring regionally and building his skills by playing in dive bars from South Padre Island, Texas down to Key West, Florida. For the last 10 years Cullen Wade has found a home in the music capital of Nashville, Tennessee. There is nowhere better to hone your songwriting craft.

On August 18th, Cullen Wade and The Waters will release their self titled full length album. It was a difficult road that slowly and surely pushed forward over the last two years. Covid be damned, this record was meant to be heard. Through the 12 tracks Cullen Wade captures the world around him in his own unique original way.

The opener “Monster” starts off with a bang. The Americana sound hits hard as the vocals drip with real emotion. The energy is undeniable. The emotional pull continues on “Surviving.” The slowed down track builds throughout with a beautiful melody that seems to sink into your soul. Cullen Wade uses his voice to grab attention and ease your mind.

“Knocked Me Dead” pulls together multiple southern genres to grab the listener. The band really shines on this one with an incredible guitar solo and some fancy Nord keyboard sounds laying the backdrop. The vocals are delivered with the continued intensity that give Cullen Wade his draw. Relatable, real, and honest.

Some folk-tinged fun can be heard on “Preacher Boy.” Slightly stripped down with a steady beat and interesting guitar fills. This is a head bopper that builds with energy as the lyrics draw us into the story. We have become used to Cullen drawing us in like this. Right to the album closer “Take It Slow” lets us down easy with its mellow yet elegant tone. It was a journey well worth the wait.

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