Curse & Kisses

Music can be many things to many different people.  For a musician that can be even truer.  When an artist really thrusts himself into his music and the lifestyle he becomes a man obsessed with exposing his music to the masses.  One such person is the man behind Curse & Kisses.

Curse & Kisses

The driving force behind Curse & Kisses is the powerhouse that is Rudy.  He is the band’s main producer, singer, songwriter, and as of now, only official member. According to him he would have it no other way.  The Orlando, Florida based act provides a hard rocking mix of styles that makes Curse & Kisses quite unique.  As Rudy calls it “orgasmic rock – rock music that gives you extreme pleasure.”  He works extremely hard when out of the studio as well, making sure his music is available everywhere and he has a presence on every social media site he can find.  This is a man unwavering in his desire to have people hear his music.

Curse & Kisses has recently released a self-titled 4 song EP.  Each song shows off a different side of the artist.  The opener ‘Blue Eyes’ is a sweet, possible ballad, with loving lyrics over a building musical track that goes from mellow to an all-out attack on the listeners ears.  There is some interesting hi pitched metal guitar work here too.  The metal yet funky ‘Stone Cold Freak’ is a powerful song with influences all over the map.  There is old school metal vocal stylings of Alice Cooper, guitar solos reminiscent of Metallica with a dynamic bass line that keeps the track fresh.  On ‘Zombie’ Rudy shows off his vocal range by mixing Lenny Kravitz and Rob Zombie into one wild performance.  This album is a great beginning and demonstration of what is possible by one man with a mission.  We look forward to what comes next.

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