We love to discover interesting videos here at Indie Band Guru.  The latest is an animation masterpiece with a full story told through song by Maxim Senin.  The Long Beach, California native, formerly of Riga, Latvia has made his way into head as an earworm that will not escape.

Maxim Senin’s style is a laid-back rock/folk with an emphasis on his lyrical composition. Love, love triangles, betrayal and unanswered love looms over and is easily detected in his sound.  His songs are reflective, with a twist and plot in the story line.  Lyrics are honest and capture your attention.  Enjoy the video for ‘Sing To Me!’ below:

Find more tunes by Maxim Senin at:  http://maximsenin.bandcamp.com/album/the-taming-of-the-wolf-ep


Maxim Senin

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