It seems like every genre of music today has split off into dozens of sub-genres by artists looking to do something different.  This is a positive thing but sometimes they lose the value of the original sound that started it all.  This is why it is good to sometimes find a group that is trying to bring the music back to its roots.  That is today’s story with the group B.A.R.S.

B.A.R.S. Crew

The B.A.R.S. Crew is a group of talented individuals with a vision of bringing Hip Hop back to its original flavor.  They are not haters though and welcome everyone into their scene from B-Boys to graffiti artists.  The group was founded by HottBoy Bailey and Delshun Mays back in 2011 and has been gaining traction ever since.  The B.A.R.S. acronym stands for “Buried and Resurrected Society” which explains what the group stands for, Resurrecting culture of Hip Hop.  These two men are young in years but from listening to their music and ideas they show they are mature in the scene.

Now the group has put out an impressively slick mixtape called Instant Classic.  The 14 track record is a testament to a simpler time in Hip Hop.  It is excellently produced without the use of any auto-tune or other production tricks so rampant in the latest music of the genre.  This is very refreshing to this reviewer.  The opener ‘In This Thang’ brings back instant memories of the deep bass grooves of J-Kwon.  This is music to move to, not music to shock you.  The B.A.R.S. crew shows off another side with the song ‘Hand Up’.  The mellow piano groove allows the listener to relax and focus on the storytelling lyrics.  The title track ‘Instant Classic’ further shows their theme of stress-free beats with an impressive rap flow style that sets them apart.

Bottom Line:  I was very impressed with what I heard from The B.A.R.S. Crew on Instant Classic and would not be surprised to see them as major players in the hip hop revival before long.  Go get a listen for yourself at:

Stay on top of the group’s latest tracks at:

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