Life will always take some twists and turns, especially for a musician.  But when there is a true talent and true determination a star can be born, even if it takes a long journey to get there.  Moral is: stay on the path to your dreams no matter what life throws at you.  If you need a model to follow take a look at pop/R&B artist Idrise.


The California native is known as an extremely driven man that is working hard to make his dreams come true.  Idrise grew up in the San Francisco Bay area singing and dancing his way through school.  After high school he performed as a backup dancer for a pop artist in some of the biggest venues on the west coast.  Life then took him to the US Air Force where he flew through the ranks to become a Staff Sergeant.  While stationed at Ft. Meade, Maryland, he returned to his love of music and began recording his own music.  His outgoing personality and charm has been gaining Idrise fans by the boatload.

Now Idrise has offered up some of his tracks on Soundcloud for the masses to hear.  He has developed his own mesh of genres that he calls “Pop & B”.  His latest song ‘Midnight’ opens with a mellow feel before exploding into a club banger ready to shake your ass to.  His voice carries the song with imaginative lyrics.  The track ‘Alive’ features some great production values and puts Idrise’s vocals at the forefront again.  We see some of the R&B influence on ‘Until I Find You’.  The beats are very original and create a full soundscape unlike most of the pop music out there today.  Enjoy a listen below:


Bottom line: in Idrise we have a pop superstar on our hands if he can just get his music into the right ears.  Hopefully Indie Band Guru can help.  Go find out more at:

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