There are too many artists out there that think they can grab a microphone, play some beats and become a star overnight.  It is an unrealistic dream that is portrayed on MTV that is just not truly the case.  It is hard work.  Luckily there are people willing to put in the time like our recent discovery Cypher The Avatar.

The story began back in 2005 in Houston, Texas where Cypher The Avatar discovered that he had some skills for the Hip Hop game.  It was never easy but he put in his time in the underground writing and refining his sound.  In 2013 Cypher decided to take his career to the next level and officially broke into the music scene with the release of the NeverKnowsBest project.  The hard work continued and in 2015 he launched his own label Icarus Records.  This is a man on a mission.

The next plan is for the release of his next album Mantra Mantis due out later this year.  The lead single “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” has recently hit the airwaves.  It is a slow grooving experimental hip hop track that grinds ahead working the beat into your brain.  The hook is very catchy and you will find your head bopping up and down before you know it.  Cypher The Avatar has put out a music video to go along with it.  Enjoy it below:

You can keep up with what’s on the horizon for this hard working artist at:

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