D Francisco – Bringing The Latin Party Back To The Forefront

D Francisco

The Latin-Pop explosion of the late 90’s was a solid shot-in-the-arm for audiences seeking something new and fun.  This eclectic and energetic genre was finally getting it’s due, thanks in large part to artists like Ricky Martin and Julio Iglesias.  Unfortunately, the genre went back underground for the most part except for artist like Pitbull trying to keep it alive.  Another artist seeming to rise from the ashes recently is D Francisco.

The artist is not just some new flash in the pan.  D Francisco has been building his skills in the background for many years.  From his younger years he had private instrumental lessons and perfected his voice while touring with the celebrated Phoenix Boys Choir and even had an opera internship in Rome, Italy.  

Now D Francisco is branching out on his own with his own unique style that blends pieces of Pop, Latin, Opera, and even some EDM elements to take the sound to a higher level.  This is music to lead the party and entrance everyone within earshot.  

D Francisco Is Ready To Bring The Party Back With A Latin Flair

The debut single by D Francisco, “I Want Ya” is now ready to take the radio by storm.  It has all of the dance energy of the best Latin-Pop but also incorporates twists reminiscent of more classical artists such as Josh Groban and the vocal talents of Andrea Bocelli.  An impressive music video accompanies the song.  Watch it here:



A full story is told by D Francisco in the video as he jukes and jives with an energy that seems unstoppable.  The sexy and sultry delivery of the music will make any heart start to beat faster and toes to start tapping.  

Keep on the lookout for more music at:

Website: http://www.dfrancisco.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/D.FRANCISCOmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theDFRANCISCO

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