When a style of music completely changes the mainstream music scene ti will stand out and last forever.  The grunge scene of the 1990’s was one such genre.  Some of the greatest and most original music came out of that era.  To some musicians (such as myself) that change in the music scene was the catalyst to get us to dive in and fall in deep love with music in general.  Great bands will always keep that sound alive such as our recent find Damn That River.

The wide span effect has reached both sides of the world.  Damn That River hails from Melbourne, Australia where they have been getting out there and exposing their new take on the classic grunge sound.  There are other musical influences weaved in and out and the band sometimes describes the sound as Crunge.  Damn That River is made up of frontman/vocalist Parmy Dhillon, bassist Luke Mahoney, drummer Dave Lahn, and guitarist Josh Gagliardi.  There have been many challenges in the band but when you know you have something great you push forward no matter what the cost.

Damn That River has 2 EPs in the books.  We had a chance to listen to some tracks as the band prepares to produce debut full length album.  Songs such as “The Princess” grab the listener right away with a strong grinding guitar and heavy drumbeat intro that dives into a somewhat psychedelic vocal delivery that slows it down to suck you in.  The band isn’t afraid to lay their thoughts out there on “Don’t Make Friends With Business”.  This is a group that just wants to make loud powerful music that does not have to fit in any small box.  Good music does not mean you have to always take yourself serious and Damn That River are really good at having fun while they perform.  Take a look at the video for “Fist” as an example:

They can slow it down when needed too as on “Heaven Said” which has that live vibe that yearns for a crowd singing along to every word.  The sound is very relatable to many music lovers and seems to make new fans wherever it is heard.  Go become one at:



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