There are times in every artist’s career where questions come in to their mind and thoughts of giving up creep in.  Sometimes it is because fame is taking too long other times fame is coming too fast.  The business side of the music business has crushed more than one career.  Luckily our latest find LSD seemed to make it out the other side of this ill.

The rapper hailing from Perth, Australia had some success with his debut release do to some great collaborations and some good exposure for the track “Self Destruct”.  The perils of the music business disillusioned LSD and he stepped away from it for a while.  The draw of the hip hop was undeniable though and a chance meeting with Rob Shaker and his neck snapping beats convinced him to return to writing again. Now though he was making music for himself and not the corporate giants of the major labels.  

It has been a long four years but there was no rush to please anyone but himself, not a “catered audience”.  LSD was not resting on his laurels, he was writing and came to the realization that he had a bunch of great tracks that would make a great album.  The result is the recently released Off The Grid.  The 16 track record gives some real insight into the journey of LSD through this four year period.  The opening title track “Off The Grid” sets the tone right away with its power and catchy beat while LSD spits fire and anergy.  The talented beat making continues with the help of new friend Rob Shaker through high energy tracks like “Go” and “Good Times”.  The old school scratching technique is a welcome sound that has been somewhat lost in new hip hop.  “Ol School” really epitomizes this with some matching lyrical stylings.  There is even some real Jazz sounds pushing the background of “The Kids” while the vocal explosion continues to grab the listener’s attention. It all truly comes together on the lead single “Slow Down”, which does everything but slow down.  Enjoy the music video here:



By the time you get to the album closer “Alfie” your heart will be beating faster and your neck will be sore from bopping along.  “Alfie” tries to slow it down but I don’t think LSD ever runs out of his energy.  Go get some caffeine in you and have a listen.  The album is available at:

iTunes (


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