One of the true beauties of music is that it is truly simple to create with just an instrument and a voice.  These rawest forms of musical creation often are some of the most earnest displays of the medium.  WIth the technology available today this is lost more times than not when an artist makes the move to record an album.  Luckily our latest find Ryan McCarl is managing to keep it true.

Ryan McCarl

The singer/songwriter from Titusville, Pennsylvania has a goal of creating music in it’s purest form.  With just an acoustic guitar and his voice, Ryan McCarl combines an alternative country and blues rock style to form something that is all his own.  He leaves out the computerized sounds and overproduction while writing music about real life experiences that he has lived or been extremely close to.  This will always draw in the fans when they realize they can relate to these stories and the man behind the music is just like them.

Recently Ryan McCarl released his debut EP Riding With The Outlaws.  The 6 track record opens the door to his world for anyone that chooses to give the songs a listen.  The opener “Common Man” sets the tone with just a man, a melody, and his guitar.  The blues rock element is featured on “Feeling Blue” with its pretty and mellow guitar line accompanying some lyrics that share some heartfelt emotion.  The guitar solo will put any troubled mind instantly at ease.  The rawness of “Nothing Left To Say” truly hits home with its energetic tone and forced vocal style that gives the feel of sitting around a campfire with Ryan McCarl playing just for you and your friends.  The album closes just as real as it started with the closer “Raise Em’ Up”.  The simple melody will force your head to bop and pay close attention to what Ryan is trying to say.  

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