From social media to marketing, special events to Christmas office parties, there is actually a lot of room for DJs to truly make some big bucks this time of year (also, winter weddings, the typically club spots on weekends, and birthdays). Here’s five tips to boost your bookings during the festive season and top off your year end earnings.

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1. Make sure to market early

Even though most individuals will complain about Christmas advertising spots on television in October, pubs, venues, and clubs are usually deep into planning for their festive season schedule by the beginning of fall. Therefore, get in early using some adverting that is seasonally themed. Contact venues you would enjoy working with, and figure out if there are any spots available during the period before Christmas, as well as elite spots for parties on New Year’s Eve.

2. Do not forget about your local conference centers and hotels

They do not usually show up on your radar while you are searching for venues, however, conference centers and hotels are busy throwing office parties throughout December, often various offices at a time!. If you possess a good set and reputation, why not find out if you are able to receive some lucrative evening/afternoon bookings at the local Best Western?

3. Make sure you are insured

Venues will not even pay attention to DJs who do not have quality DJ insurance. Therefore, ensure that your insurance package includes enough DJ Public Liability coverage.

4. Utilize social media to further your business

Leaflets and flyers are useful when getting local work, but you can also advertise your profile on social media websites. Post links of YouTube videos showcasing your skills, and potential venues can see what you look like and sound like, and whether you are good for their clientele.

5. Prepare to travel long distances

If you have been a DJ for any duration of time, you will know that it involves lots of traveling across the globe and unsociable hours. But, during the season of festivities, if you are prepared to do the miles, you will broaden your customer base and boost your reputation. Driving 100 miles on a dark, wet road on the eve of New Year’s Day might not feel the best in the moment, but if you would like to make money, you have to put in the work! Double check before putting your belongings in your car that your insurance includes car coverage that is applicable for business, including the typical clauses about domestic and pleasure.

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