Daniel Blake Takes Us To ‘Circle Mountain’

Daniel Blake

Music has been known to go in cycles. The classic sounds of the past are due to return with a modern touch. Luckily there are plenty of new artists coming up now that took pride in listening to their parent’s records. One such artist that is doing it right is our recent discovery, Daniel Blake.


The self-described “struggling singer-songwriter” grew up in Phoenix, Arizona listening to the classic folk-infused sounds of such luminaries as James Taylor, Carole King, Van Morrison, and The Beatles. His parents’ good taste in music acted as the spark for David Blake to develop his own unique folk sound that is far away from the mainstream pop we are so often being force-fed today.


After moving to Southern California, Daniel Blake began a pretty regular life, getting married and working construction. It wasn’t long though before catching an impressive live performance rekindled his fire and Daniel recommitted himself to the craft of songwriting.


The rise of such artists as Vance Joy and Rex Orange County have paved the way for this classic resurgence that Daniel Blake is now a part of. On November 30th, he released his debut EP Circle Mountain. The 5-song record puts it all together for a modern indie folk sound that is truly engaging.


The opener “For The Rush” starts off with a beautiful guitar picking style advanced by the emotional voice of Daniel Blake. The layered and textured sounds add to the haunting elegance as well. It is a story of growing older but holding on to the reckless abandon of youth. There is some added energy on “Any Way The Wind Blows”. The pace picks up a little but the pure soft and sweet vocal delivery of Daniel keeps the tone mellow.


Daniel Blake Lets Us Into His World on ‘California’



The artist truly seems to pour himself into “California”. The pursuit of his dream while having to let some things go is evident in the lyrics. The autobiographical nature of the track makes it even more likable, not only as a song but for the artist as well.


The closer “All I Need” is a beautiful love song about finding everything you need in another person. The delicate yet emotion-filled track hits the listener right in the heartstrings. We all yearn for this kind of love and Daniel Blake is honest enough in his songwriting to share it with us. This is an artist that will attract a devoted fan in anyone that takes the time to really listen to his songs.


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