Daniel Ketchum – Healing Through Classical Piano

Daniel Ketchum

It has been well documented that music can have an effect on not only the mental state of the listener but also the physical state as well.  It is no secret to a lover of music what a stream of sounds can do to change your mood.  Our recent find Daniel Ketchum seems to have taken this to the next level.  

The pianist, composer, and arranger has developed a unique sound that mixes the intricacies of classical with the uplifting spirituality of new age music.  The passion for music began early for Daniel Ketchum.   As a child, his home was filled with either classical music or jazz.  His two favorite musicians growing up were David Lanz and Mozart.

At the age of 12, Daniel became interested in playing the piano and developed quickly under the tutelage of Lisa Tharp.  Even after moving to the small town of Boulder, Utah a couple years later, with its lack of piano teachers, Daniel’s love for the instrument only grew as compositions flowed.  This created a true fulfillment in his talents.  

Daniel Ketchum’s greatest ambition is to combine his love of composing music with his beliefs in natural healing. He believes, “Music has a healing effect on the body and soul, is great for effects ranging from reducing feelings of physical pain to boosting memory”.  The vibrations he hopes to create with his songs aims to be a healing force to the listener.

Piano Healing music

Just a couple weeks ago, Daniel Ketchum released his latest album Resonance Of Echoes.  The 10 track record takes the listener on a journey through their own mind.  The opener “Ash” eases you in with a darker tone allowing your mind to relax as the melodies provide the emotions for you to follow.  On “Poetic Divination” it seems as if a story is being told without even the use of a word.  The playful piano paints a picture that only your mind can see.  The title track “Resonance Of Echoes” continues this theme as Daniel stays in the higher octaves creating a sense of beauty and joy for all.  



As the record progresses we get to “Tempest” which has a darker vibe as the melodies rise and fall creating a way for the mind to wander further and weed out the deepest thoughts.  The record closes with “The Last Lullaby”.  The over 8-minute track is a beautiful ending as it adds a sense of relaxation and closure to the varied journey Daniel Ketchum has taken you on.

Find some time for yourself and dive into the record at http://ketchummusic.com/

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