Sometimes making music is not about having a great voice or creating something that will be all over the mainstream radio because it sounds just like everything else.  For some artists making music is just about the release of something that is inside their head yearning to be free.  I think that is what we have found with Darren Ross.

Darren Ross

The comedian, actor, and singer just does what he wants and cares less about who buys it but more about just getting it out into the world.  Darren Ross’ comedy career began in 2006.  It seems like the short little songs he wrote were always the hit of his gigs so he started writing full songs and letting them out into the world.  It started with ‘This Is The Day’ being released on YouTube in 2008.  A modest 10,000 views prompted Darren to record more.  The fans started to tune in and jump on board.  His most popular track to date is ‘Top Of The Universe’ which currently has over 100,000 views.

His latest full album is maybe fittingly titled ‘Lunatic’.  The 14 track record is a collection of EDM music with Darren’s personal spin that creates something very different from what is being heard by the general public today.  There is no real semblance of order to the music as he uses his voice to make interesting sounds that aren’t quite singing but add something to the dancey music.  With song titles like ‘Wobble Your Dick’, ‘Sexacation’, and ‘Hairy Bush’ it is clear Darren Ross was not aiming for radio play.  The record makes for a very interesting listen if you can make it through the whole thing without questioning your sanity.  MightyBeatZ is brought in on ‘Drunk’ and ‘Swag’ to add some different flavor.  This is an album for the brave experimental part in all of us.

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