Debbie Deane Helps Us See the ‘Red Ruby Stars’

Debbie Deane

One of the best ways to build a real fanbase in the current music industry is to be open with your music. Hiding behind a phony image will not build real connections. Writing songs that share your truth, both the good and the bad, will welcome people into your tribe. Our recent discovery Debbie Deane is a prime example of this and has a new album in Red Ruby Stars to continue doing what she does best.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York has provided many influences and experiences for the pianist/composer/vocalist to share. The honest songwriting that Debbie Deane brings to the table is just what her tribe of fans wants and needs. Her life has not been easy but she is not afraid to share. The music can be all over the spectrum from folk, to gospel power, to funky jazzy grooves, to poppy goodness. All of it though is delivered with Deane’s intimate, autobiographical style.

For her most recent album Red Ruby Stars, Debbie Deane dives into her emotional survival and declares her intention to be happy, to love, and to thrive. Twelve songs with real feeling. An army of acclaimed musicians was brought in including Donny McCaslin(David Bowie) on saxophone, Tom Guarna(Oteil & Friends) on guitar, Marvin Sewell (Cécile McLorin-Salvant) on guitar, Christopher Thomas(Macy Grey, Norah Jones) on bass, Alex Alexander(Dido) on percussion and Brian Blade(Joni Mitchell, Wayne Shorter) on drums.

Get Happy With ‘La Dee Da’ by Debbie Deane

As the record opens with the fun “La Dee Da”, we can all feel welcome to the Debbie Deane soundscape. Pretty pianos and a catchy sing along chorus will have suck you in. The piano continues and combines with some elegant horns on the title track “Red Ruby Stars.” Soulful vocals drip all over the track showing the true skill of the singer.

The contrast of the peppy tone and the darker lyrics on “Ghost” create a truly interesting song. An experimental time signature and innovative sounds fill all edges of the speakers. This will attract all sorts of music lovers. “Read My Mind” offers more of this inventive songwriting to keep us in tuned. We can’t really tell where Debbie Deane wants to take us but we are along for the ride wherever it may go.

The heart on the sleeve songwriting of “Label Love” lets us deep into the heart and mind of the artist. A skilled rhythm section leads the way here sonically but the lyrics take us into more emotions. True talent is heard by all the musicians here. 

By the time the closer “Sweet Melody” rolls around the listener has experienced all of the feels and story that Debbie Deane had hoped to share. I for one, am now relaxed and see the joy of making the best of the life I was given. Hope you can do the same.

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