Defective Monk Blends Genres With “Ruled x6”

Defective Monk

Sharing his newest single “Ruled x6” is self-proclaimed “Anger-techno” artist Defective Monk. While Defective Monk describes himself as an “artist with broad creative scope, and a passion for energetic melodies and astonishing production aesthetics,” he also considers himself a singer, songwriter, musician, engineer, and producer as well. 

The start of “Ruled x6” starts off with an interesting production trick where the vocals are reversed or backwards even, adding a different kind of energy to the song. There’s a very dark and even more ominous feeling that the song projects to the listener, leaving a feeling of uneasiness as to what direction this sound is going to take, in an ambiguous sort of way. 

While I appreciate the work of Defective Monk for producing something way outside the box, the constant tempo changes were sometimes distracting. The track is jarring as it grabs attention. With that said, it was difficult to follow the direction of the song, as the song structure is truly unique in the recording as well. Things like tempo, or form, or repeating lines, are things that listeners hold onto because they give us a sense of familiarity and security. This song flips that on its head.

His strong ties to hardcore and death metal mixed with some techno is definitely apparent in some of the instrumentation and vocal style. I couldn’t tell you what the song was about, nor could I tell you what his intentions for this song were, but again, music can be one’s way of interpreting how THEY see music, not necessarily how others see it. 

Overall, Defective Monks creations all possess his “aggressive stylings” which he says gives the listener a “taste of the blends: metal, rock, industrial, electronica, techno, and sprinkling in hints of dub, and even more on occasion.” While the music isn’t something I typically go for, I can appreciate the energy and dedication that he has for his music, which is greater than what most have!

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