Impress Your DJ Partner With These Awesome Gifts

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Dating a DJ comes with its own set of perks. You get to enjoy awesome music and beats anytime. But isn’t it true that finding the perfect gift for him turns out to be a little tricky? Their profession is different, the clientele is different and of course, the perfect gifts are different. 

So, if you are stressing about the perfect gift ideas for a DJ, we got you covered. Let us have a look at the top 10 gifts for your DJ boyfriend/girlfriend.

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your DJ Boyfriends

  1. Headphones: DJs and headphones go hand in hand. You will seldom find them without it. So, giving them a good quality, the noise-canceling headphone will be a sensible gift. Be sure to select a comfortable model. Check for the noise cancellation and other sound effects like bass, treble, and voice control. Your boyfriend will love this one.
  1. Music gift cards: The digital world is full of music and fusions. So, why not gift him something that he can use even at work? You can try music gift cards from Spotify and other music platforms. This will be helpful for him while at work and will be perfect to relax as well. When music is life, a music gift card is oxygen.
  1. A funky backpack: DJs are associated with funk and cool factors. You will never find a DJ in formals and a serious face. Then comes another factor. A DJ needs to carry lots of equipment wherever he goes. Keeping them secure in one place requires a backpack. 

So, when we combine both the factors, a funky backpack turns out to be an awesome gift. Look for cool slogans, pop icon prints, or even get it customized. Select the best quality material. Go for a water-proof bag with strong seams. Your boyfriend will fall in love with a thoughtful gift like this.

  1. A cool water bottle: For a DJ, the work hours are hectic. Being the soul of a party is not always easy. You need to be creative, energetic, and cheerful as long as you are working. This can be pretty exhausting sometimes. It is important to take care of hydration when you are a DJ. 

And that is why a water bottle can be a perfect gift. Gifts need not always be expensive or very sophisticated. When in a relationship, what matters most is how thoughtful you are about each other. A water bottle might seem like a childish gift but that shows your concern for your better half. So, go for it!

  1. Comfortable shoes: DJs have a particular work style. Constantly standing, jumping, and even dancing. And if you are dating a DJ, you have heard that they have severe leg cramps when they return from a party. 

Try giving them a comfortable pair of shoes. While selecting shoes people do not pay attention to their sole type. That leads them to have a misfit pair. Go for the shoes that are as per your boyfriend’s sole design with a comfortable midsole cushion. 

The shoes should be airy and should allow your boyfriend to be comfortable while he stands for long hours. Pair the gift with an equally good pair of socks. Your boyfriend will love this gift.

  1. A DJ duffle bag: A DJ needs to have all his music appliances in one place. And what can be better than gifting a DJ duffle bag to him? Go for a bag that comes with a sturdy design, a funky look, and comfortable handles. 

If you can get a one with rollers, that would be awesome. Also look for the small features like side pockets, water bottle pockets, etc.

  1. A foot mat: Standing for long hours gets strenuous. A foot mat can be your boyfriend’s perfect companion. He can choose to take off his shoes and stand on this comfortable mat barefoot even while working. Rest assured, his feet will thank you for this lovely present!
  1. A power bank: Yes! DJs are always on the go. One thing that suffers most is their mobile’s battery. If you have a DJ boyfriend, you must have encountered dead batteries multiple times. Sometimes, your boyfriend may miss out on opportunities because of that. 

So, put an end to all those mobile battery woes. Gift him a good power bank so that he can keep his mobile charged even on the go. These days, many power banks are available that even have wireless charging. Select the one that best meets your boyfriend’s needs.

  1. A body relaxation kit: DJing can be fun but hectic at the same time. when you are standing and cheering up the crowd for 7-10 hours at a stretch, it is bound to take a toll on your body. what can be better to unwind than a body relaxation kit? 

Now, you must be wondering where that thing is available. You need to make it yourself. Kind of customized gift. Add bath bombs, essential oils for your boyfriend to have a relaxing hot water bath. You can add a body massager or an appointment with a spa. Be sure to include everything that will help him relax after a hectic workday.

  1. A pair of stylish sunglasses: Nothing compliments a casual look better than a stylish frame. Check in to your nearest sunglasses store or search online for a cool and funky pair of sunglasses. If your boyfriend is a regular at day a[rties, he will be touched by such a beautiful gift. 

The Final Say

Being in a relationship is one of the most beautiful things. One thing that keeps the bond strong is being considerate to each other and gifts are just a means to show that you’re grateful to have them in your life. When you go for these presents, we bet your boyfriend will be floored. Do let us know what you think of these gift ideas.

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