Transviolet Shares Fire Music Video “Drugs In California”

Alternative and pop-rock band Transviolet shares their new music video for their killer song “Drugs In California.” Starting in 2015, lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart, producer and bassist Michael Panek, guitarist and key player Judah McCarthy, and drummer Jon Garcia come together to redefine alternative pop music as we know it with deep and thought-provoking concepts and catchy melodies to match. 

Their new music video for “Drugs In California” shows a “dystopian world where the feeling of fame has been synthesized, and you can take a diamond pill to feel adored,” even when this “glamorous drug” comes at such a high cost. Helping Transviolet bring their vision to life is director Kyle Vorbach and Cinematographer Skyler Bocciolatt who completely blew my expectations out of the water! This track is inventive and cutting-edge, which can be so hard to do when it feels like everything has already been done. Everything from the concept of the track to how they were about to bring it to life visually, speaks VOLUMES to the amount of raw talent that is Transviolet!

“Drugs in California” is a song about a “toxic relationship, and specifically, it’s about a toxic relationship between fame and adoration,” McTaggart shares. “It’s weird because I wouldn’t think of myself as famous, but the truth is, to some people, I am famous. I won’t lie to you, it feels amazing to have people connect with my work so deeply… However, that feeling can be really addictive, even destructive. it’s made me question myself- who I am, my intentions, my integrity; at times it’s made me feel isolated and disconnected from people. it’s fucked with my head more than anything else I’ve ever experienced.”

Watch the video for “Drugs In California” below

The phenomenally talented vocalist Sarah McTaggart has this to say about how much this pandemic has affected her career-wise, but also mentally and emotionally, which really speaks to the heart and undeniable hardwork that went into this video. 

“The high of performing has been something I’ve been craving desperately during this pandemic. It’s weird to put out music and not know if you’ll ever get to play it live. Being on stage is a place where I feel completely liberated, completely myself. Feeling heard, loved and connected is what inspired me to start making music in the first place. I think it can be really beautiful to receive that from others, but I’m also grateful I’ve had this time away, where I had to face some demons, and learn how to give those things to myself.”

If her words and mines haven’t already said enough, PLEASE check out this incredible song, and even more incredibly executed music video for their hit “Drugs In California” out now on all platforms!

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