Deltimo Brings Us the Honey with ‘Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere’


As an artist in the modern music world, you must be willing to collaborate. There is so much talent in this world if you are willing to open your mind. Each of us has a skill that can be an addition to the skills of others. Our recent discovery Delitimo expanded way beyond his normal range to create something that could become the viral hit of the summer.

The United Kingdom Based songwriter, producer, and lyricist has been creating music for quite a long time. His most recent project is an upcoming compilation album titled One Time. The record goes all over the map including tracks in such genres as House, Tropical House, Future Bass, Future House, Electro House, Big Room House, Pop dance, Progressive house meets EDM, and even a Latino vibe song duet with an incredible Singer.

The final song on the album, however, goes in an entirely different realm. Deltimo recorded the track with the aid of two of his granddaughters. The Pop-Dance song is entitled “Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere”. Bradon Grobler from Holland was also brought in to help with production. It is a super catchy song that will get wedged inside your head quite quickly. 

Deltimo also put together a sing-along lyric music video for “Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere” with some truly entertaining graphics. After posting on YouTube it has been garnering some nice attention. For the real test, I let my own 2 daughters watch it. Let’s just say it has been on repeat for the last week. We have seen videos like this go viral before. Glad to be on board for the start of this one. You can keep up with more from Deltimo on his FACEBOOK.

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