Destination Moon Music & Arts is Gonna Rock Your World

Destination Moon

Looking for a little Father’s Day weekend fun? Look no further than the Destination Moon Music & Arts Festival at Camp Lakota in Wurtsboro, New York, hosted by Destination Moon.

This 3 day event features artists like Antibalas, Porches, Moon Hooch, Delicate Steve, Emfe, Lip Talk, and more. I know you’ve all heard of Coachella, Firefly, and Bonnaroo, but I bet you’ve never heard of a completely solar powered music festival, have you? Well it’s just something you need to experience for yourself!

Share your love of music and the environment with others through a multi-day camping experience, as camping is included in your admission ticket. Not looking to pitch a tent? You could room with other awesome people in your own bunk bed for an extra $20, rent an 8-person cabin for $125 or a 10-person cabin for $150.

Of course you’re coming to hear the music, but you should probably check out the art too. Installations by Babycastles, Bart Woodstrup, Chaney Lane Trotter, and more will be featured, as will visual projections by Steve Pavlovsky and Jesse Mannart. Immersive art installations will be placed throughout the campgrounds to really enhance the experience and provide knowledge about the main focus of the festival (besides the music), which is sustainability.

“There are so many festival-goers out there who want to see how an alternative energy powered festival with Brooklyn-based arts and live music works,” said Destination Moon Curator of Art Jonah Levy. “And there’s definitely gonna be a WOW factor. From earthen sculptures that transform to reveal new elements throughout the day, to motion-sensored installations that pop out of the ground to an indie video arcade in the middle of a forest, I’m positive that people will be looking at the festival experience in a different light after Destination Moon 2016.”

I mean, really — who wants to miss out on that?

Trough Catering will be on hand to feed everyone delicious, reasonably priced meals, and ZerotoGo, a waste management company, will be teaming up with Destination Moon to bring awareness about composting and recycling.

Tickets are still available!

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