David Bremner – Returns With Rejuvination

David Bremner

All kinds of situations can come up to derail a music career that was destined for success.  This is life and there is no way around it.  Often though, the music still inside you wants to come out.  Even buried for years, it lies in wait for the opportunity to flow into a creative mind.  One such mind is that of our recent find David Bremner.

The veteran singer-songwriter hails from Scotland.  Dave Bremner is also a husband, father, poet, martial artist/instructor, Reiki and meditation practitioner.  He has been around the music business for more years than he would like to admit; chasing the elusive dragon of success in the industry.  With each year that passes, his passion for writing and performing has only gotten stronger.

After a brief taste of success with his band, Luna Reklipse and their album, New Beginning, bass player John Thomson tragically passed away, sending Dave Bremner into a self-imposed hiatus from music.

True Musician David Bremner Could Not Be Held Back Long

This time away may have helped reset his career as well as rejuvenate and reinvigorate him.  Dave Bremner hooked up with Shine On Records as they shared his values and a great partnership in music was formed.   Shine On’s roster includes a diversity of genres, with an emphasis on message-based music, spiritual and inspirational music.

On May 28th David Bremner released the single “Gentle Healing” on iTunes, Amazon, and other major music retailers.  It is a positive song that puts an energy of success into the listener.  The mellow strummed guitar pairs beautifully with the storytelling and inspirational lyrics to create something that is truly uplifting.  

You can hear a preview of “Gentle Healing” and other Shine On Records artists HERE.

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