The internet has made the world such a smaller place.  It is hard to imagine that is really still in its infancy at only 20 something years old.  One of the many great things it has done is made it possible for musicians from all over the world to create music together by sharing tracks back and forth.  You don’t have to find a great musician with the same tastes, style, and passion living down the block anymore.  Someone on the other side of the world can become your writing partner and you can release music to the world instantly.  A great example of this is our latest find Detox Junky.

The tough to define music project is the collaboration of a wide variety of musicians with an even wider variety of influences and musical backgrounds, including hip-hop, pop, rock, electronica, metal, classical, and more.  Maybe Detox Junky describes the sound best as Hip-Hop Fusion.  The project is based in Seattle, Washington but features vocalists, producers, DJs, musicians and contributors of all kinds from all over the world.

Detox Junky has been prolifically releasing music every month with no intention of slowing down.  Their latest track is the rap-rock mashup ‘Its Funky Enough’.  A simple guitar line powers the song as a head banger with a rap flow that makes it reminiscent of an older Beastie Boys song.  ‘Astronaut Psychology’ is a sample heavy banger that will have you bobbing your head within the first 10 seconds.  The song even delves into some quality dubstep in the bridge.  This is what music has the ability to be in today’s internet society.  South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord is featured on the track ‘Enter the Ninja (2012 remix)’.  The song goes in many different directions and seems almost overstuffed with music at times.  It is a track that should be listened to a few times to absorb all the aspects of it.

We recommend giving Detox Junky a listen at:

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