All songwriters must constantly be seeking out inspiration if they wish to continue writing original songs.  An observant musician can find this creative spark in a wide array of places.  Our recent find Devin Roth seeks it out in a grand scheme.

Devin Roth

Born on the west coast of Canada the composer and pianist has much to influence his musical directions.  Devin Roth creates a kind of modern Jazz with rock and pop influences that will keep anyone interested.  He wanted to learn as much as possible about creating original music and put in the time attending McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and upon graduation was awarded a scholarship to attend the Jazz Composition program at New England Conservatory in Boston, MA.  Devin soaked it all in. He has travelled the world seeking adventure and natural beauty and has brought that into his music.

The debut album by Devin Roth is the strong Childhood Places.  The 9 track record features compositions inspired by the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia, Canada and the experiences of his adventurous outdoor upbringing in this dramatic geography.  Right from the opener “The Quarry” you can feel the energy and adventure through the fast paced over 7 minute Jazz number.  There is a slightly dark feel to “Kettle River” as it creeps along with each instrument taking a turn as the lead.  Devin shows off some bluesy Jazz skills on “Borderline Blues” with some impressive piano trills and energetic attacks.  The tone is slowed on “Okanagan Mountain” but the beautiful picture is painted with a full sonic landscape filling your ears.  To truly appreciate music head over to:

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