If a musician desires any success in this crazy music business he must be willing to work his ass off.  There is never time to rest on your laurels.  You must always be pushing forward to create more music or get that music to the right people to gain exposure for it.  We recently found Matthew Neves who is no stranger to hard work.

Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts during the height of high energy hair rock, Matthew Neves had the right start.  He got his first guitar at the age of four and started teaching himself to play.  By age 10 Matthew was writing and producing his own songs.  Whether in a band or performing solo he had success due to his willingness to put everything he had into his music.

The prolific musician continues to release new music and videos, the latest one being “Today Is The Day” debuted on May 6th.  The song is off his upcoming You And Me album.  It is an in your face rock song with a catchy beat that will have you bopping your head along.  The energy is dynamic and the music video has the visuals to match.  Enjoy it here:

Keep up with more Matthew Neves at:

Twitter: @MatthewNeves

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Instagram: MatthewNevesMusic

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