We can all agree that the music business is a wild one.  The ups and downs of any band make it extremely hard to last and continue to put out good music.  Sometimes collecting big paychecks smooths things out but when an underground band can keep pushing forward for 20 year we need to take notice.  This is the story of Fujiwara.


The punk rock band from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina is quickly approaching their 20 year anniversary as a band.  The band is made up of Billy Burley- vocals, bass, Kirk Kellet (Skillet)- drums, vocals and Chris Clemmons (Buc)- guitar.  Through the years Fujiwara have become legends of the East Coast Surf and Skate communities with their hard hitting and energetic punk rock anthems.  Undistracted by social media and self promotion, their sound and history embody the individualism and rebellion of punk rock and the underground.

Now hooked up with Fringe Records, Fujiwara released the album Legacy today, May 12th.  The 12 track record spans the full career of the band with fan favorites from throughout the years.  The opener “Born Again” sets the tone with its frenetic pace and raw energy.  The band is known for tackling the tough issues with their own take on them on songs like “Die Alone” and “Obsolete” that are included here too.  The pure grit of the music transfers perfectly to the record on “Go Away” and “Live Like Elvis”.  Not enough people are familiar with Fujiwara but it seems like that is about to change with the help of Fringe Records.

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