There are so many styles of music out there sometimes it gets dizzying.  Rap music though often stays within the same basic style so when I find something that is way outside the box it really grabs my attention.  The latest artists to spark up in my ears are Parachute Porter and Harajuku Krys of DopeNationMedia.

Dope Nation Media

The Long Island, NY natives produce a sound that relies on their artistic and unique lyrical styles while minimizing the beat progressions.  There is no need for fancy big noise filled beats if the freestyle flow can stand out on its own.  There is an old school feel to DopeNationMedia as they use analog synths and deep 808 beats.

The latest release is the Born Trilla mixtape.  The 11 track record features Harajuku Krys and Parachute Porter sharing the mic over minimalistic beats.  The opener “Foreign” welcomes you into their world with an echoing deep slow beat to let the focus be on Harajuku and Parachutes contrasting yet similar styles.  “Crown” continues the small beat approach as the vocals sound more like they are just being whispered in your ears with a warmth that lets you feel as if you are next in the cypher.  The solo joint “Ms Monopoly” by Harajuku Kys shows the passion of a female that aims high and has no fear of anyone getting in her way.  Parachute Porter has his turn on “NOAB”.  His vocal depth is tough to explain except that it is deeper than you think it could be.  The lyrics demand attention and the story is pushed forward.   This is an album for the lovers of lyrical rap without anything  else getting in the way.  Enjoy it for yourself at:

Keep up with DopeNationMedia at:

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