The advance of technology has been a huge boost for the independent music makers.  No longer is a major label with deep pockets needed to produce a quality album.  The internet has made it possible to find like minds across the world that can easily work together to put out great music often without ever being in the same room or even country.  We recently discovered a website that brings it all together and eliminates your excuses for not having a great sounding album.  Welcome to the new world of

Air Gigs

The unique platform has recently come out of the beta phase and is ready to conquer the world.  On you can search for top talent throughout the music realm.  From session musicians to add that unique xylophone sound you wanted on your newest record to professional engineers ready turn your crappy demo into a slick, well-polished radio ready album, everything is here.  If you have ever heard my voice on recordings you would know I was psyched to find demo singers for hire ready to put my lyrics into a sound that listeners would find listenable.  AirGigs is setup in a marketplace format, where users can browse service listings in categories such as vocal tracks, bass & guitar tracks, mixing, mastering and more.  Another bonus is that all gigs have an upfront fixed price instead of an hourly rate that has you rushing the work often at the cost of quality.  The ability to eliminate a lot of the superficial costs of doing studio work has enabled the prices for these services to come way down as well.  There are plenty of options to choose from too so you can find exactly what you want.  AirGigs also recently added a Music Marketing section which we will be adding gigs to over the next few days.

Lets make the music world even smaller and work together to get the best possible product out there at the best possible price.  Go get a feel for AirGigs for yourself at:

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