‘Miracle’ is E-Mute’s debut single, in that sense it does not feature collaborations with other musicians. Miracle features powerful vocals, heart felt lyrics and a haunting piano instrumental as well as percussion beats.

Theo the driving force of the project emotively sings about life and how to find the strength to make the most of the short time we have on earth.

He came up with the main piano arpeggio and melody during a low point in his life. His dad was in hospital and as sad as this was, he only had a few days left and on top of that his band with Scott James of Stereophonics fame had just split up.
It was the first time ever in his life that he experienced this great level of sadness and sorrow, during this point he discovered a new side to his personality. 
Theo is a very positive person but at that particular moment he was overwhelmed by his emotions and was only living in the moment and wasn’t concerned about the past or future and that’s how Miracle came about.
Miracle is real music from the soul (no Miley Cyrus style shenanigans here) and it was a platform for Theo to come to terms with how he was feeling.
One technique he employs whilst songwriting is metaphors, oxymorons and antithesis. 
“Did you notice that the last chorus twists the whole meaning of the song? That ‘YOU’ in capital letters has replaced ‘I’. For me God, the world, the Universe is what we make out of it. We are the Universe’s consciousness. Let’s all try to improve ourselves first and then seek for redemption. That’s the meaning of my song. Hope you enjoy the track!”
Whilst recording the music video Theo wore his Nirvana T-Shirt, as Nirvana was a band he grew up with. The first time he tried out a drum kit during his childhood was to the classic Nirvana tune Smells Like Teen Spirit. In fact as a result of his obsession he fell in love with the band and as a tribute to them inspiring him to become who he is now he pays tribute to them through his attire.
This is the first in a series of singles that E-Mute will be releasing in 2014, so expect more great music from this talented musician.
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/electricmute
Written By – Boulent Mustafa
Twitter – @OBsMusicUk

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