Doug McCurry Hits Us With Second Half of ‘The Verticals II’

Doug McCurry

Doug McCurry has always been involved with music, as early as the 1980’s. His initial stint with music was with a band called Big Brick Building and released two albums with them. Since that time, he’s become known and noteworthy for his style of music. After a long time away from the music scene, Doug McCurry is back at it again, both as a songwriter and music producer. Right after the first Verticals album which was a rock n’ soul classic, Doug McCurry has another body of work that is representative of why he’s so highly acclaimed.


Doug McCurry & The Verticals II is the latest full-length CD released by Doug McCurry and showcases the diversity of musical influences that he’s been able to call upon all his career. The new album is made up of ten songs and was released by the 5-16 Records label. In this new album, Doug works with his old friends to create a familiar funky alternative pop-rock sound that flows beautifully all through the album. The first song, “She’s Running” opens the album to a time-tested alternative rock beat supported with bass guitar strings and drums. “Precious Rose” is another song on the album that is quite catchy. It is reminiscent of McCurry’s songwriting prowess, filled with emotions and longing for a love interest.


“Sugar & Lies” is another great song on the album with a soft, mellow beat that you can slowly rock. In the song, he sings to another love interest not to get hurt by listening to the many lies that she may hear. One thing we’ve come to admire about McCurry is his storytelling skills. He has the ability to weave a musical tale using lyrics and other musical elements to make you understand what he’s saying. “Beautiful Pain” continues in the same vein, still on the love theme.


“That Josephine” takes you back to the alternative rock roots of Doug McCurry and delivers another masterpiece that will be the life of many rock parties. You can tell from the finished product that the team has some chemistry that can only come from being friends for so long. The production quality of the album is also excellent, all the songs masterfully arranged with hardly any complaint.


Towards the end of the album, the mood mellows out a bit more, starting with “Devils & Crosses”, a tale of personal struggles to get far from negative feelings. The album closes out with “Floating On The Wind”, saving the best for last. It’s the perfect way to close out the album with beautiful acoustic guitars, horn sections, and laid-back vocals, all perfectly in sync. Just like with his other albums, Doug McCurry delivers again.


If you’re an alternative rock fan, this is one album that should definitely have in your library. Doug McCurry & The Verticals II is a great album and ticks all the boxes of an alternative rock classic that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.


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     -review by Ava McNeil

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