Dova Lewis Is A “Dreamer”

In the first shot of the music video for Dova Lewis’, “Dreamer,” we see a wooded area, with a luminescent figure, center framed. It’s a brief shot, and we quickly move to Lewis, herself, who is mildly obscured in a variety of effects.  Later on in the video, we see the same figure from the opening, furiously moving to the chorus, with as much intensity as brevity. The entire video has a cinematic/arthouse aura. Dova has something of a history as a filmmaker, which should certainly explain and contextualize what we see, and feel, in the “Dreamer” video. 

The most sensational and fascinating backstories, often belong to those who have endured varying degrees of suffering. Dova Lewis’s story, is a blend of discovery, introspection, loss,  travel, culture and ultimately, hope. It’s probably not accurate to label her as the tortured artist, but there is a certain gravitas to not only her work, but her presence as well. The single, “Dreamer” is from her self-titled, debut EP. The song is unquestionably a powerful and impressionable introduction to Dova Lewis. 

Watch the video for “Dreamer” below

Upon first listen, “Dreamer” is something of a “background” song. It has a well written melody line for the verse, is pleasant, and soothing. It’s not until the chorus kicks in, that we realize we are in for something much more than a typical AC pop song. Lewis, who is initially casual and reserved, explodes into a near scream, with a somewhat bluesy brogue, that will certainly draw your attention. She delivers the chorus line with such fervent energy, that you wonder if someone skipped to another track, without your knowledge. 

Lewis has a background in harder edged Alt Rock, as well an overall zealous appreciation of all things, grunge. In fact, her somewhat obscure collection of Old Grunge Rock VHS tapes, somehow led her into dabbling into filmmaking, as previously mentioned. It’s obvious, Dova has cross pollinated her influences into something, rather original, and certainly representative of her innermost expression. On “Dreamer,” we hear many sides of Lewis, as well as the visual tapestry of emotions, she weaves with her passion and lyrical prowess. You get the impression that Lewis approaches absolutely nothing, at half speed. 

The mix on “Dreamer,” leaves little to be desired. The drums in particular, are thunderous, concise, and almost a bit tribal. Lewis’s vocals are positioned, perfectly, especially on the chorus. She reportedly worked with Darryl Lake, who boasts Erykah Badu as a previous collaborator, so we are safe in assuming that she had an expert pair of ears in the session. In short, all of the fine touches came together on this track, to give it a fair chance of being received, solely on its artistic merit.  

I’m up in the sky/and you’re afraid of heights/I’m just a dreamer. Anyone who has ever felt a disconnection from another,  who can’t relate to their desire for something greater, will feel that lyric. It’s the obstacle that rarely gets discussed as it relates to the pursuit of goals, which is not opposition, but rather lack of support. Dova Lewis has made a stirring first impression, and now the follow up will be essential of course. As for now, the dreamer in all of us, can begin to be reawakened.

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