The Silk War Take You To “Barcelona”

Female-fronted rock band The Silk War has released their newest single “Barcelona,” for their debut album out May 14th. Barcelona’s sound is a perfect way to soundtrack The Silk War’s nocturnal alternative, gothic electro, and punk energy sound. 

The Silk War consists of Alexandra Blair, James Mullen, Angelo Miliano, Josh O’Guinn, and Andrew Mega. Together makes a soundtrack of nocturnal alternative, gothic electro, and punk energy. 

“Barcelona” is accompanied with dark lyrics, offset piano, and guitars. Speaking of the lyrics, The Silk War spoke about their new song and states the lyrics explores the dynamic of a relationship that sees no future when one is stuck in the past. They describes that feeling perfectly well, and when talking about the lyrics they also states, “The lyrics, however, wax and wane over the longing of loving someone in their ‘Barcelona.’ We see this as killing the present, ending your life to only end up as a dream to those around you.” and that alone perfectly describes the feeling of wanting and longing someone who lives without you by constantly living in their past.

The Silk War’s “Barcelona” has new listeners on their feet and ready for their debut album. If their storytelling lyrics don’t captivate you, their unique blended sound will. Keep your eyes peeled for more from The Silk War. Their debut album, Come Evening will drop May 14th.

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