BC Is Not Afraid To Tell Us ‘How I Feel’


It was not so long ago when Brian BC Clarke released his debut track “Heart’s Desire”. With it, he delivered a sound ranging from Rock n Roll to Pop to Blues. His guitar skills took centre stage as they brought a ferocious energy that was hard to resist. Now BC is ready to release his follow, “How I Feel.”

BC has promised that “How I Feel” will deliver a “3-minute rock n roll rollercoaster ride that leaves you energised and wanting more”. When talking about the new song, he says, “I had the music written years ago. I remember just wanting to write a simple, riff-based, straight forward rock song. However, it was put to sleep. I never went back to it for whatever reason. Then at Christmas, it came back into my head. I had just written this poem around the same time. So I put them together. Why not? I love how it’s turned out. It’s got a lot of power and rawness to it. Also, it’s heavy, and it rocks along nicely. It’s got some of the blues and some punk vibes in there too. Musically, a lot of my influences are in there. You can head-bang to it, and you can dance to it. I’m happy with it. The lyrics are practically an internal conversation I’ve had with myself. So many times, over a girl, so in that sense they’re quite similar in theme to Heart’s Desire”.

‘How I Feel’ is yet another infectious track by BC, showing he is someone to keep an eye on

BC lets his guitar do the talking yet again as the song begins. It delivers a punchy and foot-stomping mood. Soon, his vocals join in with the opening lines, “Every now and then / You look right through me / Questions to ask / The answers I have / And if you ask me / I’d tell you / I’d tell you exactly how I feel.” His voice shares his words with the same energy which his music is giving off. So it is clear to hear, he is not messing about with this track.

As “How I Feel” continues, the listener may notice that BC has structured his song a little differently. It is arranged with no chorus or hook but instead focuses his words within the three verses. As for his lyrics, they are straight to the point and talk about how they feel about that special someone. It is perfectly highlighted with the lines, “My ears dance to / The sound of your voice / The attraction leaves me no choice.”

Listen to “How I Feel” below

Here is a song that is all about its sound rather than its lyrics. The energy he creates and delivers, especially with his guitar, is infectious. He describes it as rock n roll, but the way it makes you jump around has more punk rock elements. The drums are relentlessly ferocious. His guitar sings as well as he does, even more during his solo towards the end. Talking about its conclusion, BC was correct in saying it leaves you wanting more.  

If his music is ticking all the right boxes for you, more is on its way. There are even rumours about a possible EP planning to be released. The momentum is with BC, and he has no plans in stopping anytime soon.

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