Raquel Kiaraa Drops “Dear Jesus”

“Dear Jesus” is the latest single from singer/songwriter and pianist Raquel Kiaraa after the release earlier this year of her single “Love to the Moon”. Where that one was a nice throwback groove, this time she’s traded the more upbeat energy for something quieter initially but is hiding so much raw honesty, it’s sure to take your breath away.

It’s almost a trojan horse tactic she employs for this song because even looking at the cover art provided, you see a woman in the thrills of life and the promises it has to offer, glowing and draped in beautiful flowing pieces of clothing. The actual sound of the song is more like when you’re laying in your bed, looking up at the ceiling and speaking aloud to anyone that’s listening up there. It’s in parts heartbreaking, desperate, personal, and feels incredibly powerful and real. The way even Raquel says the opening words “Dear Jesus” is just filled with so much emotion, like this, isn’t the first time she’s come to this part in her life to have to say these words, even as in the song she admits she’s, not a religious woman and even wonders if her misgivings she’s done have played a part in her words falling on deaf ears. The monologue she delivers in music form is elastic and goes from this quiet inflection to this feeling that resembles bombast but is actually far more controlled than that. Like when you’re screaming into the void.

Listen to “Dear Jesus” below

This thing just sounds beautiful too, from the steady drumbeat that almost feels like the pulsing heart of Kiaraa as she bares it all, to the sliding electric guitar and bass that honestly provide more comfort and empathy to Raquel’s performance than the fictitious entity that she calls out to. It’s not exactly a religious song but uses the common phrase for many as a turning point as a way to explore faith and when we’ve kind of gone through our metaphysical Rolodex and have run out of places to turn, where do we go next? 

Kiaraa admits that she’s not religious but believes in the signs of the spirits and that can be taken to believe she has a faith built into herself, but now even that’s letting her down, so she’s turned elsewhere hoping, literally praying for some kind of answer to be bestowed to her. Raquel’s voice is just incredible and for someone entering music at this point in her life, better late than never because she has an unparalleled talent that will take her very very far. She has the passion and commitment and the world is begging to hear the stories she’s telling in all their humanity and truth. It’s a true performance piece to allowing her to capture the sounds of sadness and grief and anguish without allowing her voice to sound sloppy. It’s sad singing at its finest and I’m being utterly sincere when I say that. “Dear Jesus” is now currently streaming on Spotify. 

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