The Happy Fits Are “Sailing” To Stardom

Orchestral tinged indie-pop trio The Happy Fits, released their highly anticipated video for “Sailing” on March 30th, 2021. The track is featured on their newest album What Could Be Better, and the video provides fans with tons of good vibes and summer nostalgia. 

Opening cleverly with the band sailing through a lake with their instruments, viewers are instantly drawn into the bands witty and fun personality that only grows throughout the course of the video. The overall video has a retro look to it, which plays onto the trends happening within young adults, making the whole video feels as if it was shot on disposable. 

When they aren’t sailing on the lake with their instruments, the band is seen having a bonfire with friends and a puppy, bringing about that summer nostalgia feeling that everyone loves and their personality really shines through again when they dance around for the camera and even jump into the lake. 

With mellow guitar riffs, calm vocals and relatable lyrics, anyone can vibe out with the track and appreciate the overall theme of drifting away from situations or people in life, as we’ve all been there and experienced the feelings first hand. 

The song and video were crafted perfectly together to give fans a cohesive experience that is both entertaining and meaningful, without overplaying at themes or scenarios at play. 

These three New Jersey natives are definitely going places, with tons of viral chart features, more than half a million monthly listeners on Spotify and a skyrocketing fan base, you definitely don’t wanna miss what’s next from them. 

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