WunZer0 Lets Us Glow In The “Island Smile”


We all take in tons of influences as we grow. Musical influences abound in those of us that are attuned to create. The key is to take a mix of what we take in and build our own unique sound around that. Our recent find WunZer0 has done just that with his new music and new single “Island Smile (She Said).”

Raised in the Dutch Caribbean, mostly in St Maarten, the producer, musician, and songwriter is now based just outside of DC in Virginia. After 18 years of island life, Cristian Rodriguez had plenty of influences to bring to his WunZer0 persona. His music brings in a broad spectrum of genres, including Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, and Alternative. This is blended with a more modern Hip-Hop and trap sound that is uniquely WunZer0.

The newest single by WunZer0 is the attention-grabbing “Island Smile (She Said).” Right from the first notes, you know you are in for something different. There is an exotic mix of Caribbean beats coupled with a lyrical delivery that draws in the listener. This smooth yet powerful vocal builds a story that we can all relate to. The top-notch production somehow finds a way to blend all these seemingly different sounds into one complete product that will get bodies moving. 

We are excited to see where WunZer0 will take his sound from here. Keep up for yourself on his INSTAGRAM.

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