It may be said way too often but when a person finds a calling they must go for it and make a real attempt to pursue the dream.  Having the support by your friends and family is extremely important but in the end you must be willing to do it all on your own.  Our recent find Dregas is a great example doing whatever it takes.


DregasThe California based singer-songwriter was born into a diverse household with Korean and African-American parents.  This may have helped Dregas develop a unique style from the start.  Even though her parents urged her to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in the medical field they were supportive enough to get her piano lessons at the age of four when she showed some talent.  Over her upbringing she explored many other instruments and played with a multitude of bands.  This helped Dregas develop her own personal style that she is now touring with and preparing to drop her new album.

We recently had the chance to hear the new single by Dregas “Losing Tonight (Part II)”.  The mellow acoustic open welcomes the listener to absorb her intriguing voice.  The track builds to a heartfelt and energetic song that seems to lay it all on the line for the artist.  The production is top notch as everything gets blended together well to put out a song that creeps deep into your soul.  Go get a listen for yourself at:


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