Positivity can be a very big influence if used right in a song.  We have had the pleasure of sharing the uplifting music of Chords Of Truth before and the message it shares of believing in what you truly want.  The success of Indie Band Guru and Chords of Truth can both be attributed to this positivity.

Chords Of Truth

The brains behind the Chords Of Truth project is Jason Garriotte.  He is known to write some very thought provoking songs as well as some that make us think about silly things (see “Pop Or Soda”).  He is willing to share his thoughts through song and is an overly genuine guy that you can have a real conversation with even if you do not share his ideas.

The upcoming release by Chords Of Truth is the single “Moon Time” scheduled for release on May 5th, 2015.  The track is an interesting peppy mix of folk and Americana.  As you listen to the lyrics you are seeing that Jason delves deep into each song and his thirst for gaining and sharing knowledge.  His work on the acoustic guitar is quite impressive here as it pushes the song ahead at a moderate pace with a chorus that stays in your head way after the song is over.  Go get an advance listen and learn more about Chords Of Truth at: http://www.chordsoftruth.com/

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