There are many artistic minds in this world.  When an artist can pour his full life into his art great things can happen.  There are so many experiences in this world that can generate true inspiration.  Our latest find has devoted his life to sharing his experiences through music, literature, and art.  Welcome to the world of Dylan Tauber.

Dylan Tauber

The world traveler has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now in Northern Israel.  Keeping his mind open has filled it with stories to share with the rest of the world.   Dylan began his prolific career back in 1996 with his Double Mirrors project which consists of a book, CD-ROM, soundtrack, and companion website.  He was a trendsetter on the use of the internet to spread his music and message.  His Son Of Waves Studio has released six ambient/electronica albums since its inception.

As I listen to some of the newer music by Dylan Tauber it becomes very evident that he has a strong connection to the ocean and dolphins, in particular.  On ‘Crying Dolphin’ he utilizes a beautiful soundscape overlayed with a noise that could be considered a dolphin crying.  It is easy to feel for this animal and have a connection almost immediately.  The more aggressive ‘Song Of The Whale 2’ again connects to the listener on an almost surreal wave making you feel as if you are part of the scene that is being created by his music.  The latest track ‘The Sea’ is a more electronica pop friendly number with sweet female vocals that can warm your heart. The driving beat coupled with a rising piano riff makes this a very complete song that is enjoyable to listen to.  The ambient nature of Dylan Tauber’s music has a welcoming feeling that should be experienced.  Go enter his world at:

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