Music often takes hold at an early age.  Once it has its grip it never lets go but only morphs into something truly personal.  When a musician learns all the technical skills and nuances it becomes quite simple for them to develop a sound that is quite original and uniquely their own.  A great example is the life and music of Toni Castells.

Toni Castells

The talented man grew up in the town of Berga in the Spanish Pyrenees.  He says from the time he was 2 years old he felt the draw to music and his energy would be devoted to making music from that moment on.  At age 4 he began playing classical guitar, clarinet and piano and also started composition studies.  Music had its hooks in deep and Toni pursued playing, writing, and experimenting with sound during every waking moment.  In 2000, he moved to London to immerse himself in the diverse and blossoming music scene.  Here is where Toni Castells reinvented himself as an artist in merging classical music, opera, pop, electronica, poetry and visual arts.  This is a tough genre to comprehend but Toni compares it to “Sigur Ros meets Puccini.

Last month Toni Castells released the Life From Light, which is an album of his operatic show recorded live from Union Chapel London.   He says “Somehow I wanted to combine all the things I loved in a single project. The live shows became extraordinary, chaotic and mammoth contemporary operas in which I collaborated with a long list of extraordinary musicians, poets and visual artists.  The collaboration process fascinates me, when an artist betters my music I feel humbled and fulfilled.”  Right from ‘Intro’ the listener is pushed back into their seat with awe as he prepares himself for what is to come.  This is no ordinary record.  The sonic experience behind ‘O Euchari in Leta Via’ will let any listener accept the beautiful female opera vocals as they lead you on a wave of experience.  The ambient track ‘RCA’ has the influence of artists like Sigur Ros paired with a piano melody that feels as if it will take you to new heights.  ‘Never Be Afraid’ is a more explosive song with big drums and a string section that feels expansive.  This is giant sound.  Overall this is a difficult album to put into words but definitely makes for an emotional listen.  Go live the experience for yourself at:

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